Fitting Filters

In order to replace your Domnick Hunter filter element firstly you MUST de pressurise your compressed air system. You can achieve this by turning off your compressor(s), lock off the isolators for safety, then simply drain the air via any point on your system until there is no pressure remaining. You can check this by looking at the pressure gauge on your receiver.

Now its simply a case of unscrewing the bottom half of the filter casing, a strap wrench may be helpful if it is very tight. At this point be aware that there maybe some condensate and oil solution fall from the filter so I would not recommend wearing your best clothes and have a waste bucket to hand.

Once the bottom half of the filter housing is removed the filter element itself will be exposed, this is likely to be very dirty so you may wish to wear disposable gloves. By hand turn the filter element anti-clockwise and it will come free of the supporting rod.

It is worth having a quick wipe out of the filter housing removing any muck before you reverse the process with you new filter element. Only tighten the filter element hand tight onto the supporting rod and again a strap wrench may be used in order to get a tight seal on the filter housing.

On the new oil-x evolution filter housings there is no supporting rod, when you unscrew the bottom half of the filter housing the element will be contained within this. Now its just a matter of lifting the old element out, giving the housing a wipe clean. To fit the new element you must line up the lugs on the element with grooves in the filter housing, and it will simply slot into place.

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