OIL-X Die-cast Aluminium Air Filter Elements

OIL-X Die-cast Aluminium Compressed Air Filter Elements


Since the introduction of the first OIL-X range, Parker domnick hunter has continued to develop both the compressed air filter and the standards governing compressed air quality. Constantly innovated, OIL-X has become the leading technology for compressed air filtration, providing the exact balance between air quality, energy efficiency and low lifetime costs.

The OIL-X die cast aluminium filter range includes:

• General purpose and high efficiency coalescing and dust filter grades (AO & AA) for the removal of water and oil aerosols, solid particulates and micro-organisms - click here for literature

• Oil vapour removal grades (ACS) for the removal of oil vapour - click here for literature

Please refer to the product literature to verify filter codes, sizes and quantities required before ordering. Only using genuine Parker replacement elements will guarantee the filter’s performance.