How to Maintain Your Domnick Hunter Filters

In order to get the best results from your Domnick Hunter filters it is important to maintain them correctly. The key is to drain the filters regularly. This will stop condensate build in the filter housing and improve the life span of the filter element.

In order to drain your Domnick Hunter filter you simply have to turn the manual drain located at the bottom of the filter anti-clockwise, this will allow any condensate trapped within the filter to drain free. Be prepared with a waste bucket when carrying out this procedure.

The regularity that this needs to be carried out varies from site to site and if you are finding you have excess condensate build up daily a refrigeration dryer is recommended to reduce this.

Located on top of most Domnick Hunter filters is a differential pressure gauge, this shows the the best time to replace your filter element. Quite simply if the needle is located is the green section the filter element is OK, if the needle is located located in the red section your filter element will need replacing. Failure to replace the filter element will cause a loss in pressure and reduced air quality.

If you need any further assitance or advice on maintaining your compressed air system please don't hesitate to contact us on 01480 217904.